About Us

The Private Lender Academy was created by Keith Baker after he noticed  while there were plenty of coaches and gurus who offer to teach you how to find Private Lenders, nobody was teaching people how to become a Private Lender or how to stay safe.

Keith has taken the lessons from his own Private Lending, including the highs and lows along, and have complied them into the Private Lender Academy : a step-by-step blueprint for you to add real estate to your investment portfolio and unlock the bower of controlling properties without the work.

Inside the Private Lender Academy you will earn the knowledge and confidence to become an intelligent lender by following the same principles and processes the banks use to profit off the 11-billion-dollar mortgage market.

The most passive and time-tested real estate investment principles for in the digital age

The Mindset of a Banker

First, you will earn knowledge and confidence to make money by using the same methods the banks have used for centuries. The same process that enables banks to advertise on the tallest buildings and sports arenas across the coutnry. This is where you build a solid foundation for your Private Lending.

Building your Team

Great things are seldom achieved alone and success leaves clues. In Module 2 you will learn how to easily build the team of professionals that will do the hard work for you, and help you become and remain a profitable and successful Private Lender.

Finding Borrowers and Defining Your Lending Criteria

In Module 3 and even in the world of Covid-19 you will learn what type of person you want as a borrower and the lending (underwriting) criteria (terms) you will utilize in order to provide as much safety for your money as possible, while generating above average returns.

The Closing

Module 4 takes you from the decision to lend all the way to closing. You will learn what documents that must be executed before you release the funds, as well as the insurance policies that must be in force that will help keep your money safe.

Exit Strategies

You’ll wrap up your education by learning about multiple exit strategies that are available to you regardless if the loan is in default or being paid as agreed.

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